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Natural light, warm wood, the fragrances of the forest.
Our apartments are entire little worlds for you to live in.
It will feel like having nature inside your house.

Nonna Giulia

What has been...

Nonna Giulia will take your hands and lead you to the roots of these marvellous places. Into the world of Once upon a time, with herding cows, the slow rhythm of a rural life, where the days are punctuated by the ringing of the bells. 

Here it will feel like inhaling the fascinating atmosphere of that which has been.

All our apartments are furnished in a simple but welcoming style, in a perfect symbiosis between design and architecture. They are equipped with free Wi-Fi, kitchenette, telephone, safe, TV, courtesy line, hairdryer, microwave oven, complete kitchen equipment, dishwasher, fridge with freezer.

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